LANDLORDS – Let us deal with the rental process!

You do not have time to spend on the process to arrange your apartment for renting?
Send us an e-mail indicating your information (including your phone number), as well as the apartment’s details – district, size (area measurement), number of bedrooms. The addition of pictures would be greatly appreciated.

We shall then contact you as soon as possible to let you know about our many services, and our selection criteria (cleanliness being the most important).

We will then inform you about our fees, and if necessary, we will visit your apartment to take pictures. We will build the web page to include it on our web site.

We will also send you an inventory list of mandatory items to be found in the apartment.

We will promote your apartment, take care of the necessary visits, and of the rental process.

Please note that we do not require exclusivity. You remain free, at any time, to rent your apartment on your own, just let us know the dates you have rented it.

Please also note that we are only looking after apartments available all year (no subletting).

Interior decoration advisory services

You wish to rent your apartment as quickly as possible?

Before you take any photographs, take advantage of the services of our interior decoration advisor.

She will guide you in maximizing the lay out of your space and will make it more welcoming and functional
by optimising the furniture you currently have. All this at a minimal cost!

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